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•     Treatment is easy and painless

•     The requirement for open surgical interventions are ruled out in relevent brain tumors.

•     Few side effects

•     No requirement for general anaesthesia

•     No need to cut off hair

•     A treatment completed in a single session in one day

•     Procedure where hitting the target is at the highest precision

•     Cheaper than certain surgical interventions

•     Repeatable when necessary

•     Lower risk compared to surgery

•     An alternative to those who are not suitable for surgery

Also, there are devices such as Cyber Knife and Linak which enable stereotactic Radiosurgery like the Gamme Knife. But the most important distinctive feature which separates the Gamma Knife from these devices , also shown scientifically ,is that it gives off the least amount of radiation beam to the normal brain tissue. For this reason we can say that the Gamma Knife is much safer than the other methods of stereotactic radiosurgery.​