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Brain Metastatis

Since most cancer patients generally have conditional disorders, it is easier for them to encounter problems during surgical treatments. For this reason Gamma Knife, which enables single session treatment in metastatis , is advantageous. While effectively treating the lesions in the brain it enables the patient to receive chemotherapy or other treatments at the same time and does not cause any delay in the systemic treatment of the cancer. Memory loss and dementia are sighted very frequently during whole brain irradiation and the patients quality of life is seriously deteriorated. This risk is seriously reduced with the Gamma Knife treatment. Also, Gamma Knife treatment is used quite successfully in more than one brain metastasis. It is well known that Gamma Knife treatment protects the healthy brain tissue much more effectively compared to the other radiosurgery methods.

Primary Brain Tumors

The treatment for primer tumors named Glial tumors (e.g ; Glioblastoma, astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma and pilocytic astrocytoma) is primarily surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy when necessary and Gamma Knife effectively in recurrent situations. The recovery and tumorless life expectency of the patient is extended especially with the special treatment methods we apply.

Hypophysis Adenoma  

The hypophysis adenomes , which result from the hypophysis gland which are responsible for secreting hormones in the brain, reveal themselves as hormonal balance disorders or vision  loss.  Medicine, surgical methods and Gamma Knife is used for treatment. The Gamma Knife is an especially effective and safe treatment for recurrent surgically risky hypophysis tumors.



Meningioma are generally benign tumors that result from the membrane on the surface of the brain. While surgery may be the first option for treatment the surgery risk may be high for the meningioma area and it may not be possible to remove them. In this case Gamma Knife radiosurgery provides an effective and safe treatment option.  With Gamma Knife, the high risk which surgery might cause is removed.


Vestibular Schwannom (neurinoma- auditory nerve tumor)

Vestibular schwannom are benign tumors which appear from the auditory and balance nerves. Different levels of hearing loss, tinnitus and imbalance are the most frequent symptoms. While surgical treatment is applied to lesions larger than 3,5 -4 cm, it has become standard treatment for the high control rated Gamma Knife to be applied to smaller and mid-size lesions . In Gamma Knife the risk of hearing loss and facial palsy is much lower compared to surgery. Besides, risks like infection, hemorrhage and BOS fistula which are caused by surgery do not exist in Gamma Knife.

Arteriovenous malformation (Glomerulus)

Arteriovenous malformations (AVM) are abnormal glomerulus that appear in the brain. AVM's can cause brain hemorrhages, prostration and epileptic seizures. A brain hemorrhage which may occur can cause very serious health problems. Besides, the seisures it can cause will lower the patients quality of life.

Surgical removal, blockage by embolization and eradication through radiosurgery of the AVM's can be used in their treatment. Sometimes these methods can be used as additions to eachother. But surgical treatment of the AVM's , especially ones that are deeply or critically located in the brain, is very risky and sometimes surgery is not possible. Gamma Knife serves as a very effective and safe treatment option for these group of patients.

Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial pain syndrome)

Trigeminal neuralgia is characterized  by the sudden and fulminant type of pain which lasts for more than a few seconds, generally in one half of the face in the area where the trigeminal nerve is dispersed . Just as the pain can appear on its own it may also appear as the result of a stimulation of the trigger point on the face and in the mouth. The quality of life of the trigeminal neuralgic patient is highly reduced because of the severe pain and they may be subject to the side effects of the increased medication doses they're receiving. Gamma Knife treatment is a rather effective treatment option for these patients and is much more efficient than local injection treatments , and reduces medication addiction. 

This trigger point can be stimulated by talking, chewing, facial movements, touch, hot and cold liquid consumption, exposure to wind. Two sided trigeminal neuralgia can be seen in 3-6% of the patients. If there is a reason for the cause of stimulation of the trigeminal nerve in the occurence of the pain it is called secondary trigeminal neuralgia and the factor is attempted to be removed. But if there is no apparent reason shown for the stimulation of the trigeminal nerve then it is called primary trigeminal neuralgia and the treatment is aimed at eradicating the generation of pain from the nerve.