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 What is Gamma Knife?


Gamma Knife is a high technology product which gives off a radioactive ray in a single session to the extremely  high dose disease forming lesion and at the same time protects the normal brain tissue. Gamme Knife directs the beam of light emmitted from a 201 high energy Co-60 resource to the target lesion in the brain marked in a sharply circumscribed manner with high sensitivity. The radiation doses emitted from any one of the rays are small enough to unharm the healthy tissue, but the radiation dose,  where all of the rays meet, is quite intense. The intense rays in this area causes damage to the targeted lesion.

Unlike its  title, a knife is not used in the Gamma Knife treatment. Instead, a very thin and intense radiation beams are directed to the diseased area in the skull. The radiation is only intensified in the diseased area thanks to the devices technical feature, and the other areas of the brain receive only a negligible amount of the ray. The Leksell Gamma holds a sensitivity of below 0.5 mm. Every year approximately 40.000 patients throughout the world receive treatment through Gamma Knife. Treatment is simple and painless.

While being practiced in important centers throughout the world, we are also treating our patients in our university hospital with our informed, experienced and devoted team by using this advanced technology, Gamma Knife.

Why Gamma Knife?

Gamma Knife is a very effective method of treatment for some types of brain defects and especially the non invasive brain metastasis. Gamma Knife is a non-invasive technique which enables the lesions in the brain to be effected by the gamma rays in a very delicate manner. Since it is non surgical there are no cases of hemorrhage, infection and complications related to anaesthesia that are likely to appear in open surgical interventions. Since it also does not require hospitalization there will be no complications occuring from problems related to it.

Gamma Knife is a recommended method especially for those of whom are likely to have surgery side effect problems due to their age. Gamma Knife serves as a great advantage for patients who are inconvenient for anaesthesia.

Gamma Knife is a one-day treatment method where patients are discharged from the hospital on the same day. Unlike open surgery these patients are not required to be hositalized and do not need intensive care. This provides the patients and their relatives great comfort.

The Stereotactic Leksell® Coordinate frame, which is used in Gamma Knife treatment to stabilize patients, provides much higher treatment sensitivity than the other radiosurgical techniques and the normal brain tissue is protected much better.